Cyclists: Hear the World Around You

Traffic accidents have affected countless cyclists, not to mention their family and friends. With roughly 700 deaths and 50 thousand hospitalizations each year in the U.S. alone due to traffic-related cycling accidents, we are facing an annual catastrophe. The good news is that there are measures available to improve those statistics — and that is our mission: to improve cycling safety through better awareness of the environment. Windblockers increase awareness by suppressing the effects of wind noise.

What are Windblockers? Windblockers attach around the front helmet strap, blocking most of the wind from direct contact with the ears, dramatically reducing the wind noise that masks the sound of approaching traffic. The product is patent pending (61/675,331).

Experience it now! You can experience the effect on wind noise with and without the product by playing the two audio clips below, which were made one minute apart at 15mph:

Listen to the sound without wind blockers — note how traffic sounds are normally masked:

Now listen to the sound with wind blockers:

When will it be available? We are in the product development stage, processing feedback from testers on our prototypes. Once we have finalized the product, we will launch a more formal web presence.

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